Instinct  - when intuition tells you that it's just right, exactly as it should be


At Instinct UK we use stainless steel as our material of choice.

It is strong, durable, tarnish resistant, and excellent for those with skin allergies.

Not only that, it looks and feels exceptional!

The Collections:


Originally designed in honour of the reinterment of King Richard lll (who was found just metres away from our workshop in Leicester!) this collection has grown substantially. We incorporate two chain maille armour styles, both that of the king himself and the Japanese counterpart. Both possess exceptional design possibilites. Each piece is handcrafted using stainless steel.


Our band bracelets are made from soft textured leatherette and stainless steel. They have a unique stud clasp finish which is easy to use. We have added to our collection and have over 140 unique styles incorported 16 colour options.


Our message collection comprises of 36 unique messages (available in gold, rose gold and silver) made up of original morse code in dots and dashes. This is a really unique way of expressing a sentiment as a gift, only you and the person who receives this bracelet will know its true meaning. Each bracelet is mounted on a wooden display card with the code to decipher the message on the back!


This collection is upcycled using real watch components making each piece completely unique. 


Absolutely beautiful texture, this collection is made up of small etched glass petals, both matte and shiny to create a unique finished statement piece. We have also included a contrasting element to this collection which compliment the colours beautifully.

Instinct's designers are a mother and daughter team from Leicester UK. We are inspired by producing a high quality British design and strive to create new and exciting styles to bring to the global fashion and gift industry.